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Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

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Services We Provide Under Online Marketing

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

approach image Google Ads

Google ADs is the king of online advertising where Google has developed a platform for online advertising to display the services, advertisements, product listings, offers, video contents of a business. The advantage is that your ads are posted on relevant pages by Google, which allows the users to divert and click on your Ad link.

approach image Google Retargeting

It is the marketing procedure by google to retarget the visitors or audience who had an initial interaction with your service or website and made an exit without completing the call to action or confirm the offer. These visitors are targeted again for remarketing where the ads are placed on other sites used by these visitors by analyzing the 'cookies'.

approach image Google Remarketing

It is a tool of online advertising to remarket or show the ads to an already visited user on your website or already skimmed your service. When this user browses the web or while engaging in blog sites, articles, youtube or reading forums, who have made an earlier visit to your website, will encounter these ads again and will be redirected to your business.

approach image Quality Score Checking

A benchmark or a score of your performance is imperative in improving the performance. Google allows a chance of evaluating your online advertisement performance by Quality Score Checking. Google rate the quality of your advertisement based on pay per click and keywords incorporated.

approach image Web Auditing

How well your website is performing? Take a web auditing for understanding the pitfalls or the area where you need to focus on improving the increased traffic. The web audit takes into consideration every aspect of website performance as an effective tool for lead generation as well as used for digital marketing strategies.

approach image Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is such an effective strategy for promotion or advertisement. We devise strategies and promote activities for making a concept viral using youtube, facebook or any other social networking sites. Creativity and presentational tactics apply for making a concept or product viral so as to create demand in market.

approach image Cost Per Leads

Leads are the customers enquiring for your services or products with genuine interest and lead generation is a process involved in applying tactics for building genuine leads. The cost per leads is a pricing model for advertising online where an advertiser is paid for generating a single interested customer by following lead building strategies.

approach image Youtube Paid Advertising

Google is craving for videos and it is the upcoming trend in the digital marketing field. Advertisement using videos can be efficacious but it needs a platform where these videos are frequently viewed by the audience. Youtube has an option for paid advertising for marketing purpose. It directly connects with the targeted audience by specifying the demographics or age group.

approach image Landing Page Experience

A perfect and optimized landing page has a high rate of clicks which Google measures for evaluation. Landing page experience is important as it is the first interface customer has with you. The landing page must cater to the user's requirement for improving the user experience.

approach image Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing can work wonders for your brand. Cost-effective and improved customer experience will ensure a steep increase in sales. Artificial intelligence gives an exceptional advantage for future digital marketing. It can bring customized content and evaluate advertisement quality.

approach image Blog Maintenance

Where content is the king on the internet, blog contents have intense importance. An SEO friendly content is a perfect tool for digital marketing and blog maintenance on sites like WordPress, Blogger can increase the promotional aspect of a product. Website maintenance of blogs involves giving updations, changes, and addition of blog numbers for promotional purpose.